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Pros and Cons of Attending College Essay examples

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Is College Worth It? In Life today a college education is no longer an option or privilege, but rather it is a necessity. We are raised to believe that a person needs higher education in order to succeed in life. There is a saying, “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” You may ask is college necessary? There are people out in the real world that have never set a foot on a college campus before and they are doing better than others that have their master’s degree. There are many views from both sides that have a good argument. The main reason people go to college is because they were always told you will have a better life if you go to college. Kids are pressured to feel that the have to go to college because, “it…show more content…

They do not want to be looked down upon in the eyes of society so they do what they think is best. The idea to become a productive person in society is that you must have some sort of college education. Being a college student is seen as more respectable, rather then being a garbage man or janitor because of the way society looks down upon these types of careers. Going to college and receiving a degree does not guarantee that a person is going to get a job right after they graduate. It is sometimes hard for some graduates to find a good job because there is so much competition with other graduates as well. Sometimes they may get a job and it could be in a totally different field of what they got their degree for. They must find a job though to pay off all the debt that an education has given them. Many students feel that some classes are a waste of time and money because they learn nothing about their chosen field. They have to take classes that have nothing to do with their major but must take the class to meet the core education requirement of the college. If these students receive a less than average grade in a class they feel is unneeded then that lowers their overall GPA. The major reason of going to college is to get a good job. College prepares us with academic knowledge in order to succeed in the future. Many people think that a higher education is essential to prepare a person for their future. As

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Pros and Cons of Marijuana

Marihuana also known as cannabis is a plant and herb that contains psychotropic ingredients that is most commonly used as a drug. For centuries this drug/ herb has been consumed medically by different societies and cultures around the globe. It has been used for various medical purposes for the treatment of chronic pains, asthma, migraines and many other diseases. There have been several debates to legalize marijuana in developed countries especially United States. However, marijuana is still used in many other countries for medical purposes like New Zealand, Canada, and Belgium. Still World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Marijuana as rigorously controlled drug.

Advantages of Marijuana

Marihuana have been used for medical purposes. Doctors prescribe it during the treatment of arthritis, epilepsy, nausea and Alzheimer’s diseases. Research shows that without tobacco, smoking of marijuana could not harm lungs. It is helpful for the relief of muscular pains especially during paralysis and sclerosis. Although marijuana is the cause of cancer however it also helps in the treatment of HIV/AIDs and other cancer related diseases. It has several positive effects and has been used for centuries prescribed my medical professionals.

Disadvantages of Marijuana

Marijuana medically known as cannabis has numerous negative effects on mind and body. It is a harmful drug that can cause immediate and prolonged effects. It directly effects the memory, weakens the coordination and stability of mind. High level of intake of marijuana could frequent memory loss, instability, deceptiveness and fallacy. The effects of marijuana are imparted to the child during pregnancy. The effect on body, it could lower the blood pressure and cause abrupt heart attacks than usual. It is also the basis of chronic coughs, immune system, lungs infections and damage tissues. Once it is consume, it makes person addictive and abusive.

Many medical professionals believe that marijuana is a cheaply available substance for patients so it should be legally allowed for prescription worldwide. Marijuana is widely research topic but still long term adverse / risky effects of marijuana are unclear. Majority of people still prefer it for quick relief from the pains and diseases. Research shows easily availability of marijuana could cause several abusive and insignificant effects on society. There is a need for rich research on this topic, so that it could be better recommended marijuana as positively used drug or harmfully impactful.


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