Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Admissions Essay Template

Next, detail your accomplishments and experience in this field — remember to show more than tell. Provide evidence of your interest through your actions during a research project or an extracurricular activity. For example, instead of saying “I like both science and art,” illustrate the year you spent researching the brain’s ability to store memories through Dali’s paintings, and how this caused you to view the process of recollection as more of an art rather than a hard science, leading to your desire to study both neuroscience and art history. Not only does this show your interest in both fields, it also implies you are curious and innovative.


This paragraph is also a chance to portray your ability to grow and conquer challenges in your given field. So, rather than writing “I won state for Mock Trial,” describe the struggles you overcame and the growth you experienced in your role as president of your school’s mock trial team. By weaving narration throughout the paragraph, you will be able to portray a more authentic and unique story.


Lastly, connect your aspirations to IU. Specificity is key here. Avoid being vague and general with sweeping statements like “Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business is perfect for me” or “As a student at IU, I could study abroad.” Vague statements demonstrate a lack of interest and lack of effort. Research and learn about the qualities and programs that make Indiana University unique and special to your needs. What are unique programs or extracurriculars at Indiana University, and what will they teach you? What is a quality of IU that is important to you? Avoid generic responses that could apply to any other university.


If you want to be an investment banker through Kelley, describe the focused skillset you will gain from the school’s investment banking workshop, or the network you will create from the small classes and tight-knit community of the Kelley Business Honors Program. An aspiring global correspondent could describe the IU’s worldly approach towards learning and interning in London through the Media School’s “Summer in London” program.


Your primary goal is to connect your accomplishments and aspirations with the opportunities that await you at IU; however, avoid listing every possible activity you could participate in and stay focused.


To review:


  1. Start with a personal, vivid anecdote conveying your interest in a single field.
  2. Share a narrative of you overcoming an obstacle in this field; provide evidence of your experience in this interest.
  3. Describe the essence or quality of a program or activity at IU that would help you grow in this area.


Good luck!


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From the School

Degrees Offered

Eberly College offers a full-time, on-campus MBA program for young professionals and recent college graduates that can be completed in 12 months. In addition, an executive MBA program for experienced working professionals is available at IUP's off-campus sites in the Monroeville, Northpointe (Pittsburgh) and Johnstown area. In collaboration with our international partner universities we offer the IUP MBA program in Bangalore, India and executive MBA program in Palestine. The college also offers bachelor's degrees in accounting, entrepreneurship and small business management, finance, general management, human resource management, supply chain management, international business, management information systems, and marketing.

Academic Programs

The Eberly MBA is a 36-credit, integrated, general management program with an option to complete concentrations/specializations (nine/twelve additional credits) in Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Professional Accountancy or Supply Chain Management. The MBA courses focus on business applications and current analytical tools and techniques, and strongly emphasize information technology utilization in managerial problem solving. A variety of elective courses are available in each of the concentration areas. Opportunities are available for internships with local, national, and international organizations.


Eberly MBA courses are taught by faculty members who have doctoral degrees in their fields of specialization and extensive research and publication track records. Their international backgrounds and/or exposure, experience in industry, and current research projects bring an ideal blend of theory and practice to the MBA courses. Eberly faculty members serve as editors on nine national/international journals.


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