Thanksgiving Essay In Spanish

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Product Description

Need some time to bake pies and clean the house before your guests come or to pack before you travel to visit relatives? This Spanish Thanksgiving bundle of print and go writing activities, lesson plans, games, and crafts has everything you need to make it through the last 3 days before Thanksgiving break (and you can use it for future years, too).

While you're relaxing, your students will be reading, writing, speaking, learning vocab, and playing games all in Spanish. This bundle has differentiated learning activities for all your students, levels 1-5, from elementary to high school students.

* vocabulary sheets (with Spanish to English and Spanish to Spanish definitions)
* food picture vocabulary sheets
* word search
* 20 colorful flashcards/game cards with 7 game ideas
* cootie catcher, fortune teller with Thanksgiving fortunes
* 20 interactive notebook flashcards

* interactive notebook craft (what you're eating, whom you are visiting, what you're thankful for)
* simple, interactive notebook version of "Save the Turkeys" (You shouldn't eat turkey because . . .)
* structured fill in the blank essay (when is Thanksgiving, what will you eat, where will you go, what activities will you do, etc.)
* more formal persuasive essay on why you shouldn't eat turkey on Thanksgiving

* 2 minute video link in Spanish

* students draw pictures to represent themselves and/or their families on a turkey feather and then explain their pictures in Spanish to a partner or the class. Afterwards, all the feathers create a class turkey.

Reward/Motivation System for Good Behavior:
* "Caught Being Good" class reward system with turkey feathers

* 3 class games to practice the vocabulary (drawing pictures of vocab while students guess, describing vocabulary words, and guess the word taped on their backs by asking yes or no questions to figure out who or what they are)

Día de Acción de Gracias actividades, escritura y juegos for all levels of learners!

Want lessons for all the major holidays?
Spanish Holidays Growing Bundle

Want Spanish lessons for the whole year?
Buy My Spanish Store, Vol. 1

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