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McDonough Entrepreneurs Win Big in Inaugural “Bark Tank” Pitch Contest

Last month, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business held its inaugural Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize “Bark Tank” Pitch Competition, named in honor of the school’s mascot, the bulldog. Put together by a team of expert entrepreneurs at the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, the goal of the competition was to support students and alumni in their startup ventures. Overall, nearly a dozen teams and individuals competed for $100,000 in prize money.

In alignment with Georgetown’s Jesuit values, the pitch competition highlighted business ventures that focused on problems in the world around them. Ultimately, the prize money was intended to bring awareness to innovative technology and business ideas that address a social issue by doing good.

“It is wonderful to watch the community rally around ‘StartupNation,'” Ted Leonsis—the founder, majority owner, chairman, and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment—said in a press release from the university. “It has been tremendous to watch these entrepreneurs exhibit passion to tackle these issues. Entrepreneurship allows Georgetown University to stand atop of what they are already doing, which is to develop the whole person. We have the opportunity to become an institution where people not only get an education but also have a higher calling.”

The ultimate winner of the “Bark Tank” pitch competition was Hatch, a startup launching soon in Washington, D.C., that seeks to provide co-working and child care solutions for working parents. Founded by J.P. Coakley (MBA ’18) and Kelsey Lents (MBA ’18), Hatch won $30,000 at the competition, which will enable it to open its first location.

The Leonsis Prize underscores the student experience at Georgetown University in how the student, faculty, and alumni communities continuously help each other through scholarship, mentorship, and networking,” said Lents. “This support has impressed and motivated us to launch our business. We are excited to have won the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize, which will be instrumental in helping us to secure the lease and letter of credit required to open the first location of Hatch.”

Other prize recipients included ClassPulse, a professional development tool that allows professors to collect student feedback in real time. Founded by Claudia Recchi (B’17), ClassPulse won $25,000. The third-place prize went to Cusp 365,an app that helps college women live a more healthy life. Founded by Jaclyn DiGregorio (B’17), it received $15,000. Another five ventures, Campus Sherpa,EdibleFinance,FoublieGalapagos Strategy, and Qoral Health, each won $5,000 in prize money.

Overall, the winners were chosen based on scores by a panel of judges including CEOs, founders, and chairmen from leading companies in the area.

To learn more, visit the website or watch the video.

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Across its six academic areas of focus, the McDonough School of Business employs 98 full-time faculty members.  Faculty members both teach courses and help staff the school’s nine research centers and initiatives, which investigate topics ranging from global social enterprise to financial markets and policy.


Professors at McDonough utilize a variety of teaching methods, including case studies and lectures. The McDonough academic calendar runs on a two-semester system (plus summer for Evening students), and each semester is further divided into twelve-week Core Courses and Elective Modules of six weeks or half a semester. The fall semester begins in late August and runs until mid-December. Following a two-and-a-half week winter break, the spring semester starts in early January and ends in mid-May; graduation takes place shortly thereafter. There is a brief exam period every six weeks after a module is complete, with career weeks and holiday breaks occurring between modules.

At the start of the program, incoming students complete a three-week Opening Term in which they take Structure of Global Industries and Financial Reporting Fundamentals. They then spend the first year (first year-and-a-half for Evening students) fulfilling the core requirements. The incoming class is divided into cohorts that complete the core curriculum and residences together. The core features foundational business concepts in finance, accounting, statistics, economics, marketing, management and operations. Students may waive certain core courses and opt to take electives in lieu of familiar coursework. In the spring semester of their first year, MBA candidates pursue two electives of their choosing.

During their second year (last year-and-a-half for Evening students), students must complete an additional 12 electives out of the roughly 70 offered across accounting, finance, management, marketing, operations and information management, and strategy. McDonough students are not required to declare a major, although there are special initiatives focused on entrepreneurship, global social enterprise and real estate finance in which students can participate. To allow students to gain international exposure, McDonough has created a Global Business Experience program. This Experience is a six to eight-week project culminating in a week-long in-country trip to present their consulting recommendations for an international organization. This happens during the spring of the second year for Full-time students and the summer after the second year for Evening MBA students.

Other MBA Degree Options

Outside of the full-time MBA program, McDonough offers a four-year MBA/JD program with the Georgetown University Law Center and a five-year MBA/MD program with the Georgetown Medical School. Other options include a MBA/ MPP program with the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and a MBA/MSFS program with the School of Foreign Service, both of which take three years to complete. Executive offerings include a 20-month Executive MBA program and a 14-month Global Executive MBA program in partnership with Walsh School of Foreign Service and ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

Special Initiatives

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business, Society, and Public Policy
  • Georgetown University Women’s Leadership
  • Global Business
  • Global Social Enterprise

Degree Offerings at McDonough

Full Time and Evening MBA

Executive Education

Dual Degrees


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