Why Do We Learn History Essay

I think you have begun with a great outline to what you intend to write about. When teachers ask you to write an introduction, there are several ideas for grabbing the attention of your audience. Often we call this a hook. This idea of a hook is missing in your introduction. This last sentence of the intro is already perfect to exist as a thesis statement and a road map if each of those reasons are eventually going to receive their own paragraphs.

So, what are examples of good hooks? An anecdote (short short story), a quote, a song lyric, sometimes a good question, or a shocking statistic could work. As I am looking at your paragraph in fact, I was reminded of a song lyric: Don't know much about history. You might play with that idea. Or, you might think of a time when history has repeated itself.

I guess what I am saying is try to improve that first sentence, although direct, you could spice it up a little. A 3-sentence intro would do you good:

1. hook: grab the reading audience's attention

2. transitional sentence: connect the idea of the hook to your purpose for writing.

3. thesis: leave yours as is.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

topic: A lot of people agree that studying history is import!ant. On the other hand, there are some who believe that there is no use studying events that have already happened. Therefore, they think that schools should stop teaching history. What is your opinion? Support your opinion with examples and relevant explanations.

Some people are saying that we do not need to study history since studying events in the past is no use. However, learning history is very worthwhile and has a significant meaning to us. There are several reasons why I believe this.

To begin with, we are living in a part of history now. It means that the present, which is to become the past as the moment passes, can not be apart from history. Some people may assume that the past is something happened long time ago. However, it is only partially true. Yesterday, or even a minute ago becomes a part of history. Thus, if we believe that studying history is no use, we admit that we are living lives which will become meaningless in the future.

In addition, we learn many things from the past. History is not an obsolete thing. Rather, it gives us valuable lessons which help to make our lives better. For instance, we definitely know how tragic the result of the war is from the cases of World War and Civil war in the history. From the devastating events in the past, we come to know the war can never be justified whatever causes are.

Finally, history reveals who we really are. There is an old saying 'Like father, like son', which indicates the importance of knowing who our forefathers are like. Our lives are so much the reflection of theirs. That is, by carefully looking at their ways of thinking or their attitudes, we will have a better understanding of ourselves.

In conclusion, we should appreciate learning history since it has significant value itself. First, the moment we are living now is a part of history. Also, history teaches us valuable lessons, so that we will not do the same thing wrong ever again! Lastly, we learn more about ourselves through history by seeing the lives of our forefathers. Therefore, studying history should be encouraged at all coats.


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