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Amphonic Music Ltd.

Amphonic Music Ltd.

20 The Green,

Telephone: 01883 627 306
Facsimile: 01883 623 594
Library - English label founded in 1970 by Syd Dale. Now run by Ian and Erica Dale. The label no longer releases hard copies, and relies solely on its web-site.

Former Contact Details:
1 Turpington Lane
Tel: 01-464 0638


Track 1 - Grand Funk
Track 2 - The Unknown
Track 3 - Getting It
Track 4 - Disco Fever
Track 5 - Ergon
Track 6 - In Motion
Track 7 - Proud Industries
Track 8 - Nuplex
Track 9 - Holy Mackerel!
Track 10 - Aim High
Track 11 - It's A Crazy World
Track 12 - Thug
Track 13 - Name Of The Game
Track 14 - Chain Reaction
Track 15 - Tricycle

The Legends Of Library journey continues today with Brian Bennett OBE put under the spotlight. Like many of his fellow composers Bennett was not only an excellent arranger but also an accomplished musician having played drums in The Velvets, Marty Wilde's Wildcats, The Krew Kats and most notably The Shadows. Of course it is wrong of me to speak of him in the past tense because even to this day he continues to produce award winning scores, mostly for television. His collaborations with Alan Hawkshaw bore much fruit with library records such as "Music Machine", "Drama Montage" and "Synthesis" filled with highlights. All 3 of these will be posted at Funky Frolic in the not too distant future.

The tracks featured on this compilation come from the above releases along with several other Brutons and compilation albums, in particular the excellent "Aim High: Brian Bennet At KPM 1973-1976". The music is mostly in the realm of funk and jazz but "The Unknown", "Ergon", "Holy Mackerel!" and the famous "Chain Reaction" are explorations into crime jazz and electronics. I hope that you enjoy this compilation and I encourage you to leave a comment or a suggestion as to who you would like showcased in the future. You can find more of the Legends Of Library series here and visit Brian's official website here.


Track 1 - Wacker
Track 2 - Assault Course
Track 3 - Mini Motoring
Track 4 - Action Drive
Track 5 - Delhi Discoteque
Track 6 - Girl In Camera
Track 7 - Grand Prix
Track 8 - Long Way To Go
Track 9 - No Time To Hide
Track 10 - Product Efficiency
Track 11 - Action In Memphis
Track 12 - Saturday Off
Track 13 - Back Beat
Track 14 - Come Here Calcutta
Track 15 - Thunderbird
Track 16 - Action Point
Track 17 - Work Force
Track 18 - Crisis
Track 19 - Johnny Takes A Trip
Track 20 - The Awakening
Track 21 - Life Is For Living

I was alerted by a member of the Funky Frolic family that Johnny Pearson sadly passed away last Sunday, aged 85. I immediately set to work putting together a mix to showcase his exceptional career, despite only having 60 odd tracks by Johnny it was still a difficult task to decide what to include because everything he touched turned to gold. Far more than a library music legend, he also made a significant impact in pop and easy listening circles aswell.

This compilation is comprised of music Johnny composed for KPM, Bruton and Themes International. There is no description needed, the music speaks for itself. Rather than giving you a few bits and pieces of information I think it would be best if you take a moment to visit to his wikipedia page which has an informative summation of his 50 or so years in the business. He left an indelible impact on the music world and his legacy will continue to live on for many decades to come. One of the finest KPM's that Johnny worked on is "Sweet Groove" which you can download here. I would like to do a second volume sometime so if you have any of his other albums or songs I would be grateful for any donations.


Download here

Track 1 - Robot Avenue
Track 2 - Automatic Meteor
Track 3 - Future Cosmic
Track 4 - Blue Laser
Track 5 - Automax
Track 6 - Computer For Love
Track 7 - Baby Robot
Track 8 - Bass Echo
Track 9 - Automax
Track 10 - Electronic Jogging
Track 11 - Percussion System

I haven't heard a lot of good music that was released in 1980 but this wonderful library record from the Telemusic label is an exception. Sauveur Mallia's "Automation" could be loosely described as electronic mood music, at times the tracks are sombre and contemplative ( "Future Cosmic", "Blue Laser" ) while there is also a playfulness that resonates through works such as "Baby Robot" and "Electronic Jogging". What strikes me the most about this collection is how well it has aged, suggesting that a lot of what Sauver created was ahead of its time. "Automation" is a good companion piece to the equally competent "Cosmosynthetic Vol.1" which you can download here.


Track 1 - Mal Weghoren, Jetzt Kommt Werbung / Various
Track 2 - Ford Capri II / Christian Bruhn
Track 3 - Wild Freshness / Klaus Doldinger
Track 4 - Swinging Nordwest / Max Meier-Maletz
Track 5 - Moulinex / Gert Wilden
Track 6 - Variationen K71 / Luigi Pelliccioni
Track 7 - Minikillers 1 / Johnny Teupen
Track 8 - Opel Commodore / Klaus Wiisthoff
Track 9 - Frei Mit Boots / Klaus Doldinger
Track 10 - Arbeit '70 / Various
Track 11 - Polycolor / Klaus Wiisthoff
Track 12 - Mon Cheri / Klaus Wiisthoff
Track 13 - Swing A Little, Kim A Little / Various
Track 14 - Tobbler Twist / Conzelmann, Haensch
Track 15 - Sein Grober Traum / Erik Sylvester, M.Joyct
Track 16 - Roth Handle / Peter Schirmann
Track 17 - Nescafe Calypso / Max Woiski Snr.
Track 18 - Peach Girl / Baden, Brenk
Track 19 - Komm' In Fahrt, Der Hansa Pils Hit / Christian Bruhn
Track 20 - Minikillers 2 / Johnny Teupen
Track 21 - Ford Taunus / Christian Bruhn
Track 22 - Space Freitzeit '69 / W.Breinig
Track 23 - Swinging Nordwest (Playback) / Max Meier-Maletz
Track 24 - Strahler 70 / Christian Bruhn
Track 25 - Opel Rekord / Klaus Wusthoff
Track 26 - Moulinex (TV Version) / Gert Wilden
Track 27 - Sweet & Sexy / Baden, Brenk, Petri
Track 28 - Aus Dem Titel "Memories" / C.J Schauble, H.Jankowski

This collection of German advertising music provides a lot of smiles and plenty of groovy moments over the course of it's 28 tracks. Sourced from material produced between 1960 and 1975, the compositions are occasionally experimental and esoteric ("Space Freitzeit" being a good example) but for most part it maintains a pleasing easy / lounge feel. Other genres are represented though, with "Variationen K71" (jazz funk), "Komm In Fahrt" (rock) and "Abreit 70" (jazz) all making an impact. For me it is "Ford Taunus" that rises above everything else, a funky masterstroke which has been my favourite piece of music for over a decade now.

Amongst the novelty and kitsch there are plenty of finely composed works by the likes of Gert Wilden, Christian Bruhn and Johnny Teupen. It's a collection that I've grown to appreciate more over the years having bought it back in 2001. I'm sure there is enough fun and frivolity to keep you entertained for many years to come. For those who have also downloaded "Popshopping Vol.2" I would be curious to hear your thoughts and comparisons on these two unusual delights. Here is some of the album artwork...


Those pesky glitches seem to be out of the system for now and my visitor numbers are back to normal so I can return to the task at hand - spreading the funkiness. Thanks to everyone who cheered me up yesterday, it was a big help.

I should have mentioned in my last message that the next volume of my Legends Of Library series is being released in 2 days and I hope it meets with your approval. I have also compiled a mix of Sesame Street music which I will probably post next week. As for my future uploads...I'm not sure yet, you'll just have to wait and see! I am going to re-up "Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Album" in the near future because the link is dead and I have just added the instrumental tracks to "Man In Space With Sounds" for those who requested them. Hope you enjoy.

Unless anything else crops up I will speak to you all again on April 17 for my 5 Month Anniversary Update Spectacular. Cheers.


Track 1 - Olivin / Peter Schirmann
Track 2 - Zigarilla / Lucas, Botho Singers, Sound Masters
Track 3 - Exposition K71 / Brass N Beatmachine, Hermann Gehlen
Track 4 - Miss Fenjala / Various
Track 5 - Sorry Doc / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 6 - BMW / Peter Schirmann
Track 7 - Wenn Der Teekessel Singt / Oliver Peters
Track 8 - Super Nowa Jingles / Various
Track 9 - London Look / Various
Track 10 - Wollsiegel Party / Orchester Udo Gerlach
Track 11 - Die Deutschen Bullen, Die Kraft Und Der Fortschritt / Various
Track 12 - Der Mann Mit Der Goldenen Hand / Horst Fischer
Track 13 - Edelkakao Cha Cha / Wolfgang Dauner
Track 14 - Frucade Hit / Hardy's Jet Band
Track 15 - Das Neue Haus, Hauptthema
Track 16 - Show Show Twist / Various
Track 17 - Opening / Johnny Teupen
Track 18 - Sabaphon TK125 / Wolfgang Dauner
Track 19 - Olivin 2 / Peter Schirmann
Track 20 - Go To Rallye / Harold Rosenstein
Track 21 - Widia Sound 70 / Various
Track 22 - The World's Over / Various
Track 23 - Happy Meeting / Various
Track 24 - Aral, Den Fortschritt Nutzen / Peter Thomas
Track 25 - Island Of My Dreams / Hartmut Kiesewetter
Track 26 - Lux International / Various
Track 27 - Jasmin / Peter Schirmann

The public response to "Popshopping Vol.1" was so overwhelming that Crippled Dick Hot Wax had no choice but to put out another collection and they produced the goods once again. Advertising music of the 60's and 70's already had a tendency to lean towards lounge/easy listening but when German composers went to task they didn't hold back! The sound is diverse with go go, psych rock, pop, jazz and funk complimenting the groovy lounge vibe. There is even a healthy dose of crime jazz on the track "Der Mann Mit Der Goldenen Hand".

Choosing highlights from such a wonderful CD is a purely subjective task but I am partial to "Go To Rallye" which is a high paced, super fun track that contains three distinct sections - all of them great. I like the work by Hardy's Jet Band, and Johnny Teupen shows class as usual on "Opening". "London Look" has a very familiar funk sound with the addition of some sexy female dialogue and Pete Thomas is at his kooky best on "Aral, Den Fortschritt Nutzen".

This release is probably a touch more solid than Volume 1, especially in regards to the flow of the music. Surprisingly it is much harder to find and seemingly less appreciated than the first one but it certainly falls into the category of being a must have. Enough talk, download it now!


Hi everyone. Thought I would write and vent my annoyance at Blogger. It's bad enough that the formatting of my posts turns out poorly more often than not but 16 hours ago my stat counter stopped functioning correctly and it appeared as if no one was visiting me! This understandably made me quite sad but I have checked my backup counter and it looks like my loyal followers have not deserted me...

I was all set to go past 100,000 pageviews but it seems like that will have to wait a while. Maybe you could leave a message to cheer me up a little. On a happier note I will be posting Popshopping Vol.1 and 2 today and tomorrow, if you haven't heard them before then you're in for a real treat!

Update - There is some chatter that my Adult Content warning may have contributed to my lack of statistical information (who knows why) so I've turned it off for now. So if you're under 18 - avert your eyes!!!


Track 1 - Surveyor
Track 2 - Progress
Track 3 - Mechanical Box
Track 4 - Panorama
Track 5 - Force
Track 6 - Punch
Track 7 - Dynamic
Track 8 - Action
Track 9 - A Mind Level

This Patchwork release by Gerard Zadj and Pierre Decerf is a study in how to successfully use electronic instruments to produce organic sounds. Somewhat similar in tone to the "Virgin Suicides" soundtrack, this album (while clearly from the late 70's or early 80"s) has a timeless quality that should appeal to many of you. The synths are augmented with some excellent guitar playing along with the occasional drum or bass line. It's hard to imagine any of this music being used in a library music context but purely as a listening experience it is a very consistent and enjoyable record. Many thanks to Paul Durango for this rip.


Download here

Track 1 - Heavy Water
Track 2 - Ice Beaker
Track 3 - Solid Satin
Track 4 - Punch Bowl
Track 5 - Frozen Stream
Track 6 - Black Light
Track 7 - Range Rover
Track 8 - Swamp Fever
Track 9 - Safari So Good
Track 10 - Survival
Track 11 - Afro Waltz
Track 12 - Sahara Sunrise
Track 13 - Rocking Rhino
Track 14 - Heat Haze
Track 15 - Afro Metropolis

Probably the most well known and well loved KPM of all time, "Afro Rock" has at least a dozen tracks that qualify as being classics in the library music field. Any collaboration between John Cameron and Alan Parker is a match made in heaven and you can sense the chemistry these two have in the studio, this is exemplified by the creativity that courses throughout each track. Despite the title there is hardly anything "rock" about this collection ( aside from the opener "Heavy Water" ) and the only relation it has to afro is in some of the percussion. In reality the record is more jazz and funk inspired but tracks like "Heat Haze" and "Swamp Fever" defy such labels and this is one of the reasons why they are so intriguing. I can't look past "Punch Bowl" in terms of funky brilliance, I must have played this song hundreds of times over the years and still love it just as much today. The version here is slightly longer than the one featured on "Sound Gallery Vol.1".

Simply put, you cannot have a collection of KPM's or library music in general without "Afro Rock" being a part of it. It's a truly magnificent album. Many of these songs can also be found on the wonderful "Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" compilation.


Tracks 1-12
Tracks 13-24

Track 1 - Welcome To Tomorrow
Track 2 - Gayway To Heaven
Track 3 - Soaring Science
Track 4 - Mile A Minute Monorail
Track 5 - Around The World
Track 6 - Century 21
Track 7 - Man In Art
Track 8 - The Queen City
Track 9 - Man Seeks The Future
Track 10 - Boeing Spacearium
Track 11 - Science Of Tomorrow
Track 12 - Space Age World's Fair
Tracks 13 through 24 - Same as above expect without dialogue.

This is certainly a candidate for the weirdest record in my music collection. Attilio "Art" Mineo was asked to provide music which could be broadcast as people viewed the various exhibits of the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle. The results are spooky and spacey with the primary instruments in use being violins and electronic equipment. In my view the real joy comes from the informative voice overs that precede each piece of music, the descriptions prove to be quite humorous considering how off the mark they are in predicting some of the future technological advancements.

While the music wont be to everyone's taste there is no doubting the cache of a collection such as this. It has relevance in terms of being a historical document and as a study in the incorporation of electronic and conventional instruments during the early 1960's.


Track 1 - Crazy Eel
Track 2 - Shut Paranoia
Track 3 - Hand Shake
Track 4 - Raging Beat
Track 5 - Flute Fight
Track 6 - Wait For Me
Track 7 - Obsessing Promenade
Track 8 - Skin Deep
Track 9 - Snobbery
Track 10 - God Is Infinite
Track 11 - Cold Fever
Track 12 - The Eastern Question

Track 10 proclaims that "God Is Infinite" but so are the grooves on this rare and highly desirable library gem from Italy. The key elements on this record are the thoroughly enjoyable percussion ( lots of juicy breakbeats! ) and the liberal use of flute. There is also some fine piano/organ work included on tracks such as "Cold Fever", "Raging Beat" and "Wait For Me". A certain psychedelic tinge flows through some of the pieces while at other times a cheeky sense of humour adds interest to the proceedings.

The least impressive track would be the repetitive opener "Crazy Eel" while the best in my opinion is the insanely groovy "Obsessing Promenade" which comes off sounding like a freaked out version of the classic song "Spinning Wheel". Overall it is an album which demands the listener's attention and is at once imaginative, inventive and most importantly, funky!


Download here

Track 1 - Mandingo
Track 2 - Black Rite
Track 3 - Medicine Man
Track 4 - Jungle Wedding
Track 5 - Chant Of The Virgins
Track 6 - Sacrifice
Track 7 - Tiger In The Night
Track 8 - Black Fire
Track 9 - Moon Goddess
Track 10 - Pagan Ritual

Afro funkiness? Check. Library music grooves? Check. Electronic weirdness? Why not. Sonic overload? You better believe it!!! Apparently this record was used in the 70's to showcase the latest in hi fi equipment and it's easy to hear why with it's plethora of boombastic percussion and eyebrow raising synths. Many of you will be familiar with Mandingo from the tracks "Black Rite" and "Snake Pit" which appear on the "Sound Gallery Vol.1" compilation and the good news is that the same kind of intensity and dedication to freaky. headstrong grooves continue through the whole album. It's a celebration of good music and you're all invited!


I have had a request by anon for even more advertising music and while my own stocks are running a bit low I am happy to provide some information on where to locate other compilations. The Chocoreve blog has 8 volumes of psychedelic promo music which can be accessed at this page -

At Psychotic Leisure Music there is an extended version of the Thing Go Better With Coke collection which has about 40 more jingles -

Actually, now that I think about it I probably have 5 more compilations up my sleeve. I might post another one in the next week or so. In the meantime I will keep an eye out for more of this type of music. Cheers.


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