Best Songs To Listen To When Doing Homework In Spanish

Your semester has probably started, and as we’re slowly beckoning for summer to arrive, already you’re wishing for it to end so you can hit the beach, isn’t that right? If this is the case, remember: not everything about going to class is bad. Try looking at the bright side of things or else you won’t be able to make it through the semester.

You can anticipate the feeling of summer, however, with a bit of music while you’re studying. The good thing about studying is going through a million Spotify playlists. If you’re anything like me, you’re used to doing this. What sometimes comes to mind is, “will listening to music be good for me or will it affect my attention?”.

The Pros

Well, several studies have shown that listening to music before studying or performing other tasks that require your total focus can be beneficial. It improves your memory, attention, and reduces the levels of anxiety and depression.

Revealing that some themes consistently speak to what we need to hear and want to use, the top Musicuentos post of 2016 was a simple repost of the previous year’s homework choice systems update.  The post explains how I incorporate a homework choice system and offers links to see what other teachers do as well.

Happy new year, everyone.

Nine homework choice systems for world language classrooms

Have you thought about adding student choice to spice up your concept of homework and increase student motivation?  Have you already been using student choice in homework for years but could use a few new options or a change in assessment system?  Here is my kind of prerequisite annual post on options for homework choice.

First, here’s my new list for elementary students, including updates like finding fun stuff in the interactive map for Mexico’s Parque Sésamo theme park and singing karaoke with Disney.

Next, here’s my updated list for early-to-mid novice students, including options like taking an online quiz and profiling the latest person featured by @YoSoyMexicano.

Finally, don’t forget that I’ve posted links (also copied below) for eight homework choice systems you can mine for gems from others, too.  I know I have!

Remember, autonomy motivates; how can we include more of it in our classrooms?

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