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Our world is shrinking every day – how do you like it?

From the telegraph to the internet, from rails to jumbo jets, advances in communication and travel technology have connected people across the globe. Some of these connections have promoted prosperity while others have been problematic. For better or worse, globalization is a complex topic, and if you’re writing a pros and cons essay about it, you’ll want to make sure you find good sources to back up your ideas.

In this blog post, I’ll provide 20globalization articles to help you get started.

But before we dive in, let’s focus on some key considerations for writing about this topic.

Much Ado About a Complex Issue

So you want to write about globalization? Writing about complex issues means that you have to go the extra mile in order to write an equally complex and well-crafted essay. A pros and cons essay requires an argumentative approach, so it’s a good idea to first know the purpose behind your approach before hammering out a first draft.

The Argumentative/Research Approach:

Think about a part of globalization that interests you. What major question do you have about this part of the topic? Trying to answer this question is where you start your research. The answer that you come up with and will support throughout the essay will be your thesis.

Otherwise, you may already have some ideas about the topic and want to persuade your audience to accept a claim you make. This claim (or thesis) also needs to be supported by evidence, which is why you’ll still need to research the topic.

Pro or Con?

Time to apply your critical thinking skills! While your paper will focus on both the pro and con sides of the globalization debate, just make sure you avoid the pitfalls of being too simplistic or vague.

For example, if you approach one of the problems with globalization, you don’t want to just write, “Globalization is bad.” Instead, you want your thesis to dig into a specific part of globalization’s context. A better thesis might look like this:

Increased globalization has created a large outsourcing market that attracts U.S. companies with the prospect of cheap labor, but in turn, quality industrial production has vastly declined due to lax regulations.

See how specific that is? Give your audience both a specific problem and the reason that problem is significant, and you’ll be off to a great start!

Quality Control

Knowing your approach and having a solid thesis are both important for a strong start, but you also need to support your essay with quality sources to help you get to the finish line. Depending on your instructor’s expectations, you can use both popular and scholarly sources. Whatever the case, you want to make sure your research is credible. If you need some extra help, try applying the CRAAP test to each of your sources before you decide to use them.

The Articles

Okay – no more messing around! Following are 20globalization articles to help you get started in supporting your pros and cons essay. I’ve organized these into three categories for you: “Pro,” “Neutral,” and “Anti.” You can use neutral articles for either a “pro” or “con” approach because they are more informative and address both globalization’s positive and negative effects.

I’ve also included an MLA citation for each article. If you use it, make sure to change the access date! Or, if your assignment requires it, you might want to use an APA citation instead.

5 Pro-Globalization Articles

Pro-Globalization Article 1:“What Globalization Really Means”

This article discusses how Peter Drucker’s claims about globalization’s evolution have become reality. Its author, Rick Wartzman, looks at how major global corporations have improved economic status and stability for other countries while promoting an overall stronger globalized market. This article specifically covers the rise of Bo Andersson in the global auto industry and how his involvement has led to greater manufacturing accountability and profits.

MLA Citation  

Wartzman, Rick. “What Globalization Really Means” Time, Inc., 23 Oct. 2013. Web. 28 May 2015.

Pro-Globalization Article 2:“Global flows in a digital age”

This article highlights a research study conducted by economists at the McKinsey Global Institute. The research favors globalization’s contribution to the world GDP and argues why it is necessary to maintain this trend. There is useful chart detailing various countries’ global flows and a link to the full 180-page research study in the article.

MLA Citation

Manyika, James, et al. “Global Flows in a Digital Age.” McKinsey & Company, Apr. 2014. Web. 28 May 2015.

Pro-Globalization Article 3:“Academic Globalization Should Be Welcomed, Not Feared”

Ben Wildavsky, a senior scholar in Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation, talks about why academic globalization should be encouraged, particularly because an increased global intelligence is beneficial for the entire world. Wildavsky balances his argument by first addressing his audience’s concerns about import education and export talent issues, so this article will be useful if you’re looking to provide solid pathos to your paper.

MLA Citation

Wildavsky, Ben. “Academic Globalization Should Be Welcomed, Not Feared.” The Brookings Institution, 15 Jan. 2010. Web. 28 May 2015.

Pro-Globalization Article 4:“The globalization of football: a study in the glocalization of the ‘serious life’”

Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson provide interesting and unique insights about how globalization, particularly in sports, can promote a greater “global democracy.” While much of this article focuses on the positive cultural impacts of globalization, rather than economic ones, the information favors global expansion and builds a strong case that is aptly reinforced with sound resources.

MLA Citation

Giulianotti, Richard, and Roland Roberts. “The globalization of football: a study in the glocalization of the ‘serious life’.” The British Journal of Sociology 55.4 (2004): 545-568. Web. 28 May 2015.

Pro-Globalization Article 5:“Globalization and Wealth Creation in Developing Countries”

This article offers a solid overview of how globalization has increased income in certain countries through industrialization and trade. While the author, Nigel Hogan, recognizes that there are issues in wealth equality for different countries, he puts up a sound argument backed by strong sources that globalization can be seen as a force of economic good.

MLA Citation

Hogan, Nigel. “Globalization and Wealth Creation in Developing Countries.” E-International Relations Students. E-International Relations, 9 June 2012. Web. 28 May 2015.

5 Neutral Globalization Articles

Neutral Globalization Article 1:“The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of Globalization”

Forbes contributor, Panos Mourdoukoutas, offers an interesting introduction to the ups and downs of globalization’s economic effects. The article is organized into concise paragraphs that break down the benefits and problems associated with globalization and the world market, and Mourdoukoutas also projects what happens when the issues with globalization become prevalent.

MLA Citation

Mourdoukoutas, Panos. “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of Globalization.” Forbes. LLC., 13 Apr. 2015. Web. 28 May 2015.

Neutral Globalization Article 2:“Globalization: Progress Or Profiteering?”

Financial specialist, Lisa Smith, takes an informative approach to how globalization affects different social classes in both host and outsource countries. He provides useful comprehensive links to definitions of key terms such as international trade and outsourcing. There are also links to other articles that deal with similar topics.

MLA Citation

Smith, Lisa. “Globalization: Progress Or Profiteering?” Investopedia. Investopedia, LLC., 28 Jan. 2007. Web. 28 May 2015.

Neutral Globalization Article 3:“Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality?”

This scholarly article does a great job of scrutinizing both sides of the globalization argument. It analyzes and makes strong conclusions about data, particularly regarding the supposed rise and fall of world poverty rates. Whether you’re for or against any aspect of globalization, this article can help you examine the data more closely and better understand the margin of error therein.

MLA Citation

Wade, Robert Hunter. “Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality?” World Development 32.4 (2004): 567–589. ScienceDirect. Web. 28 May 2015.

Neutral-Globalization Article 4:“The Issue of Globalization – An Overview”

In this Congressional Research Service report, Gary J. Wells provides a thorough introduction to globalization that is purely informative but has useful information for either side of the argument. Wells discusses globalization’s accomplishments as well as its failures, providing sound evidence and many footnotes that can be useful for your own research.

MLA Citation

Wells, Gary J. “The Issue of Globalization — An Overview.” Congressional Research Service Reports and Issue Briefs. Cornell U. ILR School, 1 May 2001. Web. 28 May 2015.

Neutral-Globalization Article 5:“Rethinking Global Economic and Social Governance”

Published by the The Journal of Globalization and Development, this article provides interesting insight into globalization that  recognizes it as being necessary but ultimately problematic. Instead of merely taking a “pro-con” approach, the author, Jose Antonio Ocampo, focuses on how improving globalization can provide an effective approach to worldwide governance. He also uses many useful sources that you may want to explore.

MLA Citation

Ocampo, Jose Antonio. “Rethinking Global Economic and Social Governance.” Journal of Globalization and Development 1.1 (2010): 1-29. The Berkeley Electronic Press. Web. 28 May 2015.

5 Anti-Globalization Articles

Anti-Globalization Article 1:“Globalization and Unemployment”

Foreign Affairs contributor, Michael Spence, covers how integrating markets negatively affects U.S. employment rates. While this article is useful for your stance against globalization, it provides a fair assessment of the issue as well. Spence also considers measures that the U.S. could apply to make globalization more sustainable, which is great for compromising with your audience in your argument.

MLA Citation

Spence, Michael. “Globalization and Unemployment.” Foreign Affairs. Council on Foreign Relations, Inc., 02 June 2011. Web. 28 May 2015.

Anti-Globalization Article 2:“The Dark Side of Globalization: Why Seattle’s 1999 Protesters Were Right”

Noah Smith, an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, writes about the problems of the World Trade Organization’s globalization efforts. Smith covers the historical aspect of market globalization from 1999 to the present. The article is thorough and avoids bias by noting that while globalization has improved worldwide equality and poverty issues, the WTO could have implemented the process much more efficiently and ethically.

MLA Citation

Smith, Noah. “The Dark Side of Globalization: Why Seattle’s 1999 Protesters Were Right.” The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 06 Jan. 2014. Web. 28 May 2015.

Anti-Globalization Article 3:“Globalization Is in Retreat? Not So Fast”

In this New York Times article, economic writer Eduardo Porter discusses the problems of globalization and why these may cause a decline in global as opposed to regional business. That said, Porter also maintains a well-balanced argument by offering research that suggests globalization will continue to remain valid as countries have become dependent on this system. He cites important economic research and U.N. data that you may want to use as well.

MLA Citation

Porter, Eduardo. “Globalization Is in Retreat? Not So Fast.” The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 16 Sept. 2014. Web. 28 May 2015.

Anti-Globalization Article 4:“Academic Integrity, Remix Culture, Globalization: A Canadian Case Study of Student and Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism”

This scholarly article offers a unique approach to globalization because it analyzes the issue from an educational, rather than an economic, perspective. The author, Tyler Evans-Tokaryk, a Writing Specialist and Senior Lecturer at University of Toronto Mississauga, provides a comprehensive study of global plagiarism perspectives and how Western universities must evolve in their approach to the issue. Tokaryk also includes a full bibliography of his sources that could be useful for your own research.

MLA Citation

Evans-Tokaryk, Tyler. “Academic integrity, remix culture, globalization: A Canadian case study of student and faculty perceptions of plagiarism.” Across the Disciplines 11.2 (2014): 24 Nov. 2014. Web. 28 May 2015

Anti-Globalization Article 5:“Behind The Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism”

In this scholarly article, Audrey Kurth Cronin discusses that with increased globalization comes increased global terrorism. While much of this article focuses on the negative aspect of terrorist actions across the world and the ease of access terrorists now possess through media and travel outlets, Cronin effectively structures her argument toward a solution. She recognizes that globalization has its merits, but also notes that major problems in globalization must be solved. Many credible sources appear in the footnotes, so be sure to check those out!

MLA Citation

Cronin, Audrey Kurth. “Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism.” International Security 27.3 (2003): 30-58. Web. 28 May 2015.

The Breakdown

I’ve given you a head-start with these articles, but there are plenty out there for you to discover! Many of these will be great for your research, but remember to use the CRAAP test if you’re unsure about an article’s quality.

Articles like those above can be found by using Google. But if you’re a university student, you probably have access to tons of great scholarly databases, such as JSTOR or ProjectMuse, through your school. Get your tuition-money’s worth and check these out! If you’re not familiar with online databases, seek help from your friendly university librarian.

Also read 5 Best Resources to Help With Writing a Research Paper.

Once you’ve collected enough articles to support your ideas about the pros and cons of globalization, you’ll be ready to outline and start that first essay draft. Just be sure that you include the following in your paper:

Still wondering what a pros and cons essay looks like? Here are some examples from our sample essay database:

All right, now you’re ready to start writing your paper – go for it! Kibin will be standing by to help you proofread it when you’ve finished.

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Globalization Essay: Good and bad points online free essay editor of Universal Incorporation

It is sometimes complicated to obtain additional cutting-edge matter for feelings as world wide incorporation. There are a lot essays on globalization composed by research workers, political figures, newspaper writers, businesspersons, faith based stats and other people of artwork. Plenty of seminars and symposiums, 100s of novels and numerous submissions are centered on this will someone edit my essay incident. There are a lot ways of the knowledge of classification globalization. Quite a few people essay proofreader online free just think that it must be normal procedure for incorporation of various civilizations. Some other people today take into consideration that it must be new variety of colonialism. The remainder of the most people concur with the possibility that, mankind can openly advertise society account using internationalization. It can also be really good dilemma to see pros and cons for this kind of flexible procedure as world wide incorporation. Nevertheless, allow us to investigate to begin with on concise explanation of globalization or internationalization.

Classification and reputation of globalization

When we try looking in description thesaurus, we will have the outline of term worldwide. The concept of adjective universal college essay editor online is concerning the world, totally or in-depth. As outlined by unique encyclopedias, we could come up with concise explanation of technique internationalization by unique phrases as approach to unification of the planet spheres of everyday life (politics, market, societal) into a have product, which utilize all nations across the world. Now allow us to get an excursus for the background of globalization. 1st indication of it we are able to discover essay checker for college in olden days. Especially,Roman Empirewas one of the initial state governments, which increased the control on Mediterranean. It brought about rich interlacement of various sub cultures and look of regional department of work in Mediterranean countries. The beginnings of international incorporation engage XVI and XVII generations when environmentally friendly fiscal rise in The european union, merged with breakthroughs in the navigation and geographic breakthroughs. That is why, Portuguese and Spanish language essays edit forex traders pass on around the world and involved in the colonization of The united states. Inside the XVII century Dutch Eastern side India Provider, which dealt with many different Oriental places, is considered the polish my writing initially real worldwide corporation. Within the XIX century, accelerated industrialization has contributed to a rise in deal and expenditure between Western states in america along with colonies, additionally, the United states. During this time, unfounded commerce with establishing regions is in the type of imperialist exploitation. With the 1st part of XX century operation of universal incorporation was disturbed by two planet competitions and discuss their duration of downturn in the economy. When the Next Environment Warfare, globalization grade my essay online free started again with an faster tempo. It led to the improvement in systems, which resulted in speedy ocean, rail and air flow transportation, and ability to access world-wide mobile phone providers. But, globalization begun to get considerable covers inside 1990-s.

Options for internationalization in every spheres of daily life

As we explore globalization, we shall certainly see the process related to these spheres as business economics, tradition, and national politics. And what is your opinion? Just what is your opinions? Unless you want to create globalization essays, you may use assistance from ouressay publishing program essay editor. Some practical data you could findhere. Source of globalization is motivated because of some origins. The earliest cause is controlled and complex progression, which includes generated the enhancement of carry and sphere of transmission. Good results in home computer technological innovation has authorized carrying out a innovative in knowledge support. It has took place because edit my essay of business of World wide web and e-mailbox. The actual 2nd resource may be deemed rendering the state around the world economic climate to be a 100 % free. Due to applied guidelines, charges on services and goods has fast become low cost. The next reference may be hardily thought to be overall look of transnational businesses. Environment proofread my essay review was shot by transnational agencies. Very nearly on a daily basis all humankind enjoy or consume products and services for these corporations (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds). Everybody wore wardrobe of primary organizations (Adidas, Nike). Microsoft, Apple company, Windows xp, Android os, iOs. This selection will be continuing indefinitely. As a result of procedure for transnationalization, we can easily use and eat these construction and merchandise from offshore, which our nation lacks. It is actually reliable advice, that transnational providers took throughout the reins of govt on data and stock markets edit essay online free. Business economics of most regions is performing now as you system. Industry business economics is participating middle factor right now. Progressively more cost-free businesses show up in The european union and locations of past Soviet Union. The traditions among all nationalities has grown to be united. For that reason, volume marketing is extra standard. Language has the state of intercontinental terminology. Impact of federal declares actually starts to deteriorate. Universal troubles are sorted out by overseas agencies this type of U . N . Corporation, Entire world Business Business et cetera.

Bad and the good aspects of globalization essays editing

These kinds of course of action as globalization, naturally has as disadvantages and benefits. In that essay about globalization, I am going to give samples of good and bad online essay editors outcomes of it on mankind and earth.


The appearance of overseas levels of competition are the main in addition to of globalization. As home-based manufacturers, in order international firms can be competitive together. Tough contest will cause visual appearance of top quality processing. Society make trades is financially rewarding in modern-day circumstances. Looks of the latest buy and sell unions boosts means of globalization. Present day technological innovation are rooted just about day to day in most spheres of our existence with free paper proofreader try to improve general performance. This can be realized using controlled and complex improvement. States, which can be lagging driving in fiscal growth, can overtake enhanced areas. They might get caught up business economics and reinforce postures in entire world area. Mankind has really become additional tolerant college proofreading services, so there are actually no standards for battles and disputes, racism and competitions for healthy means. Intercontinental tourists is booming. Most people can pay a visit to other areas and find informed about the way of life of other nations around the world.

Down sides

Mostly, full regions and people accept majority of positive aspects. There are certainly no advantages for regions with reduced expansion of business economics. Countrywide ideals are sacrificed. We begin to leave behind our personal civilization, customs and customs. We have a likelihood of single ruler. An excessive amount of energy will undoubtedly writing editor be focused in wrists and hands for these ruler or probably whole entire land. Some markets from society business will receive gain, continuing development of competent employees, although some you should not get assist from assert, come to be uncompetitive. For that founders lose cash, folks get rid of occupation. Provider market gets to be more prioritized, despite the fact that business will lose its postures. Men and women want to look for first time profession papers editing with objective of getting the funds. Appeal or lack of knowledge in specialised of workforce has begun to experience necessary part due to competitiveness. Accredited workforce get higher earnings, and others get virtually almost nothing cheap proof reading service or lacks pay whatsoever. This may lead to joblessness. Joblessness causes poverty. A little more about the reason why of poverty, you will discover inessay on poverty. Nevertheless, it usually is also for a along with. People today should work out, cultivate and become certification. Atmosphere is prone to anthropogenic sway. Lots of rainforests are decrease. Oceans and seas are vastly contaminated by vegetation. You will discover a depletion of enzymes. Frequently, pretty much everything points hurt humankind and environment

In closing

To summarize, globalization is important issue for mankind. Of course, it consists of as good and bad effects on the planet. Consumers ought to get strategies to give concentration beneficial variations to make globe significantly better. Conclusions about damaging negative effects really should be settled quickly by entire world. Exactly what is the fact of globalization then, as we disaster the world into best online proofreading services exploitation?

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