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The first step toward a successful career as a pipeline engineer is crafting an attractive resume that can catch a hiring manager’s eye. The competition for these engineering positions can be fierce, so it’s essential to create a document that clearly indicates all the reasons an employer should choose you over other candidates. One of the best ways to ensure your resume is ready to make a good impression is to compare it to an example document.

When you’re trying to finalize the content and format of your own resume, use our pipeline engineer resume sample as a baseline. This high-quality example includes all the important skills and work history details that most hiring managers want to see. If you want even more help writing your own version, consider using our resume builder.

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Kevin Thompson

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Experienced and knowledgeable pipeline engineer with extensive background in remote locations such as the North Slope of Alaska and within Denali wilderness. Efficient yet attentive and concise pipe stress analysis, design, construction, maintenance, troubleshooting and oversight. Experienced in most widely used computer programs, databases, terminologies and equipment.

Core Qualifications

  • Pipeline construction and design
  • Regulatory standards compliant
  • Hydraulic analysis and modeling
  • Effective emergency manager
  • Meter station design
  • Strong communicator and leader


Pipeline Engineer, March 2009-March 2015
North Slope Pipeline Maintenance Organization – Barrow, AK

  • Designed pipelines, pipeline components and pump stations.
  • Managed pipeline construction projects, reconstruction of damaged or old sections and pump selection from beginning to end.
  • Estimated pipeline project costs, developed timelines, established objectives and ensured on time delivery of completion.
  • Generated design specifications, produced engineering plans and drafted testing reports.
  • Ensured compliance with all EH&S regulations and standards.
  • Collaborated with consultants and contractors toward effective project drafting.
  • Trained, supervised and mentored project and engineering team staff toward cohesive performance.
  • Directed technical support personnel through general technical service provision and acted as ultimate technical support for complex, unsolved or escalated issues.
  • Tested and inspected pipeline throughout construction phases and after successful implementation.


2009 Bachelor’s of Science, Mechanical Engineering
University of California-New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good Pipeline Engineer Resume Sample?

Before examining the details of each individual section of this pipeline engineer resume sample, take a look at the document as a whole. The straightforward format and concise sections make it easy to read quickly. Clear headers and strong bullet points convey the important information without any distractions.

The resume starts off with a strong professional summary that draws attention to the most relevant and impressive parts of the candidate’s career. It only takes three sentence fragments to indicate the jobseeker’s level of expertise and quality of work. This short paragraph includes a memorable fact about the candidate’s work history (the remote location in Alaska) as well as details about his proficiency with technology, including databases, equipment, and computer programs. Confident language, such as “experienced,” “efficient,” and “attentive,” makes a strong case for choosing this candidate over others.

The core qualifications section is short and focused. It doesn’t list every single skill the candidate possesses; rather, it focuses on the skills that are most impressive and relevant to the job. Notice how the list includes technical abilities, such as design and analysis, as well as soft skills, such as leadership and communication.

The meat of the pipeline engineer resume sample is in the experience section. This is the part of the document where the candidate shows exactly how his career history prepares him for the new job. It includes the dates of employment along with the company name and location, making it easy for the hiring manager to contact references. Each bullet point starts with a descriptive action word that details exactly what the candidate did and includes information about the results of these actions.

The last section includes the necessary aspects of the candidate’s education. This section doesn’t need to be long or include excessive detail. Listing the name of the degree, the year of graduation, and the educational institution is enough.

Why You Need a Strong Pipeline Engineer Resume

Pipeline engineering often combines elements of civil and petroleum engineering, making it a highly specialized field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that jobs in this field may grow at, or slightly above, the average rate through 2024. However, because of the opportunities and salaries these positions can provide, competition for each available job may be extremely strong. It’s vital to create a resume that clearly shows potential employers why you are a better choice than other candidates with similar educations and career experiences.

Your resume must be memorable and informative without being overly long or complex. Most studies show that hiring managers only take a few seconds to look at each resume, so your document must convey your qualifications efficiently. Use a clean format like the pipeline engineer resume sample, and choose your content carefully for maximum impact.

Costly Pipeline Engineer Resume Mistakes To Avoid

While using a readable format and writing confidently can improve your resume, it’s just as important to avoid mistakes that destroy your chances. Before submitting your resume to a potential employer, make sure to proofread it several times to catch and fix any misspelled or misused words, grammatical mistakes, typos, and punctuation errors.

As a pipeline engineer, you must display both technical expertise and excellent communication in your daily work. It’s also essential to indicate these traits in your resume. As you can see in the pipeline engineer resume sample, the candidate references his leadership and emergency management skills along with his engineering design and analysis abilities. Don’t focus so much on technical abilities that you minimize your soft skills.

A successful engineer must be able to communicate well with non-technical personal as well as other engineers. This resume includes enough industry terminology to convey professional knowledge but avoids using acronyms and jargon that could confuse a non-technical reader.


A well-written resume is key to securing a job in your chosen career field. Studying our pipeline engineer resume sample can help you finesse your final copy to make a strong impression on potential employers. Remember to write confidently, showcase your most relevant skills, and use your work history section to indicate your value as an employee.

Mr. Il... R...
0000 Doha

Current situation:
Current industry: Oil and gas
Size of the company: More than 1,000 employees
Current position: Mechanical/Piping Engineer
Number of years spent at this position: 3-5 years
Number of persons you managed: 51-100 persons
Annual salary: 30000.00 EUR
Total working experience: 3-5 years
Availability: 3-months notice

Job sought:
Positions: Piping Engineer, ,
Industry: Oil and Gas, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Agent's contract
Desired working time: Full-time
Minimum annual salary desired: 35000.00 / 0.00 EUR

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +5
Last diploma : Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Current educational level : +5
Other training courses :

Geographical mobility:

Known Tools / Software/ Methods

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences
driving licence B

Arabic : Native
French : Fluent
English : Fluent
Spanish : Basic


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