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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees and applicants with disabilities, unless such accommodations would pose an undue hardship (e.g. too costly, too extensive, too substantial, too disruptive). In general, the applicant or employee with a disability is responsible for letting the employer know that an accommodation is needed to participate in the application process, to perform essential job functions, or to receive equal benefits and privileges of employment. Employers are not required to provide accommodations if they are not aware of the need.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency charged with enforcing the ADA, an accommodation request does not have to be in writing. However, the EEOC suggests that individuals with disabilities might find it useful to document accommodation requests in the event there is a dispute about whether or when they requested accommodation. One way to document an accommodation request is to make a written request.

The ADA does not include specific guidelines or forms for requesting reasonable accommodation. However, some employers have developed in-house forms. If so, employees should use the employer's forms for requesting accommodation. Otherwise, individuals with disabilities can use any method that is effective; the ADA does not require specific language or format. The following information provides an example of an accommodation request letter. Please note that the information is to be used as a guide only and is not legal advice. If legal advice is needed, contact a legal service.

For additional information regarding the ADA and reasonable accommodation, contact the Job Accommodation Network.

Sample Accommodation Request Letter

The following is an example of what can be included in an accommodation request letter and is not intended to be legal advice.


Date of Letter

Your name

Your address

Employer's name

Employer's address

Dear (e.g., Supervisor, Manager, Human Resources, Personnel):

Content to consider in body of letter:

Identify yourself as a person with a disability

State that you are requesting accommodations under the ADA (or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 if you are a federal employee)

Identify your specific problematic job tasks

Identify your accommodation ideas

Request your employer's accommodation ideas

Refer to attached medical documentation if appropriate*

Ask that your employer respond to your request in a reasonable amount of time


Your signature

Your printed name

Cc: to appropriate individuals


You may want to attach medical information to your letter to help establish that you are a person with a disability and to document the need for accommodation.

Recommendation Letter Sample

How to Write an Employee Recommendation Letter for a Valued Employee

Looking for a recommendation letter sample to use as a guide when you write your own recommendation letters? This recommendation letter sample is written for a valued employee who is moving on to a new opportunity at a new location for family reasons. Because of the nature of her work, you have agreed that it requires an onsite employee.

You are invested in helping this employee advance her career at her new location as you valued the employee's commitment and contribution during her time with your organization.

Employees must leave your organization for reasons that can include spouse relocation, graduation from college, family needs, and promotional opportunities that your organization cannot currently offer.

Especially for an employee whom you have valued, a recommendation letter will assist the employee to obtain his or her next job.

Written on company stationery, with a clearly printed address and telephone, and the recommender's name and job title, the recommendation letter provides a sometimes needed boost to a job searcher's credentials. The fact that the letter exists says a lot about the integrity and contributions of its subject to a potential employer.

You will want your Human Resources office to review your recommendation letter before you send it. Some organizations have policies that require this oversight; others ask employees not to write recommendation letters at all.

They prefer that all recommendations come from Human Resources.

Know your organization's policies before writing a recommendation letter.

Recommendation Letter Sample

Use this recommendation letter sample to write about an employee who made positive contributions to your organization. This recommendation letter is for an employee whom you want to help.

September 24, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Linda Fisher. Linda reported to me for the past four years as my administrative assistant in the training and organization development department at State University.

While Linda's title was administrative assistant, the title does not accurately describe her actual contributions to the department. She was the glue that held all of the activities of the department together. She stayed on top of all consulting projects and training classes and coordinated the steps in their planning, implementation, and follow-up.

Linda was responsible for managing the office and for providing oversight and direction to two receptionists/schedulers. The schedulers who enrolled our participants in training sessions reported directly to her. Additionally, all student employees and interns in the department reported to Linda who assigned and supervised their work.

Linda was the official face of the department to the university. She performed all initial needs assessments with potential clients and followed up to research potential training classes and seminars that might meet the needs of the clients.

She assisted me with every aspect of my work from developing training materials, PowerPoint presentations, and visual aids to making sure that the training rooms were supplied for the training sessions.

Linda was an effective contributor to our department's success. She enthusiastically took over additional responsibilities as they became available and handled each new role with professionalism. Linda will be sorely missed by department members and the entire faculty and administrative staff we serve.

Linda is leaving to relocate for family reasons. It is my hope that this recommendation letter will assist her to obtain a position that will take advantage of her many capabilities. We are sorry to see Linda go, but we completely understand that her priority must be the needs of her family.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with Linda and hope that if you become her next employer that you appreciate her as much as we have.

Please contact me if you want or need additional information.

I have enclosed my office phone extension and my cell phone number so that you can reach me directly for follow-up.


Stephanie Harris

Director of Training and Organization Development

State University

Office: 517-687-3469 or Cell: 517-272-3465

A copy of the recommendation letter, after a review by Human Resources staff, should be placed in the employee’s personnel file. This ensures that it is available for review in the future.

On the off chance that the terminating employee decides to reapply in your company, the reference letter provides useful documentation as to the skills and contribution during the prior employment.

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