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"The Blind Side" Movie Analysis

"The Blind Side" is a movie about a less privileged African-American teenager (Michael Ohor) who in away is adopted by  Tuohy’s family from Memphis. Leigh Ann Tuohy finds Michael in the street and decided to take him home. Other family members do not seem to accommodate him especially that he is not talkative. After Michael is used to the family he is a great asset to the family and everybody liked him.

The most important interpersonal communication principles exemplified in this movie are:

  • Intercultural Communication: Michael is from a different race. Therefore his interaction not only with his new family but others in the public or school is not friendly. When he goes to school for the first time other students avoid him.
  • Self Concept: Ann Tuohy meets criticism from her friends as to what she is doing with a black boy she actually calls her son. She tells them why Michael needs foster family. Michael on the other hand despite his poverty and not an academic giant is determined for success from any angle of life. His determination in life makes him utilize the opportunity he got and became successful both academically, sports and social life.
  • Perceptual Accentuation: Before he was adopted Michael Oher saw the world as a punishment denying him opportunities he dreamt of such as being a footballer. Sean Tuohy never believed the boy will make it through life from how he was in terms of education.
  • Listening: The two important teachers of Michael Miss Sue and his history teacher gave a close listening to both Ann Tuohy and Michael. This made Michael’s academic life improve.
  • Verbal Communication (feedback): The first time Michael was showed a place to sleep he did not accept, Ann was amazed and showed him a bedroom option. Surprised Ann; she did not expect Michael to complain but he did.
  • Non Verbal communication: Michael is not talkative. Before the accident scene he gave Sean Junior an eye and hand gestures to ask her mom allow them go out with the car. More gestures could be used in school and sports scenes.
  • Relationship development: This is the winning part in this movie. Michael is adopted and copes well with the white family. Collins Tuohy refers him as his brother in disbelief of her friend. The relationship between Sean Junior and Michael was that of brotherhood. Michael became an asset to the family much of which was unexpected oh him.

Finally the movie carries several genres: drama, comedy, sports, biopic as well as adaptation.  Therefore more interpersonal communication principles can be picked by students and movie reviewers because the movie involves characters who have differences in age, race, education and economic backgrounds.

Social-Psychological Analysis of the Blind Side Essay

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Film Analysis
Psychology 280

Social-Psychological Analysis of the Blind Side The Blind Side depicts the story of Michael Oher, a seventeen year old African American homeless boy from a broken home, taken in by Leigh Anne Tuohy, a wife and mom of two living in a well to-do neighborhood. Repeatedly running away from the group home after group home, he was placed in after he was taken from him drug addicted mother, he happens to run into the exceedingly accepting family. Only after the catholic high school football coach sees his size and agility he is accepted to the privet school, despite a 0.7 GPA and lack of a place to sleep Leigh Anne Touhy, along with only one of his teachers, take a special interest in him. The families give him…show more content…

When the ladies talk about their own life’s they never once assume that they are all thinking or going through the same problems, their ingroup. But when thinking about this “big, black boy” they think he must be a threat to the teenage daughter. Even though through further getting to know him we find out that he would never let anything happen to his new family let alone do anything, the only 98% he got in school was protectiveness on the aptitude test. Research lead by Bartsch shows that the Outgroup Homogeneity Effect is evident worldwide and applies not only to racial groups but genders, career choices and more (Bartsch et al ., 1997; Lonville , 1998; Read and Uranda 2003). Even though Elaine mentioned Michaels Ethnicity her counties to go off where in the projects he is from implying it’s a choice because people like her can get out of that situation. Clearly anyway Elian was thinking it Leigh Anne Tuohy was not having it.
In one scene towards the end of the movie after the Tuohys have been helping Micheal become a better stronger person he goes on to talk to the collegiate sport investigator. He says he decided to go to Ole Miss because that’s where his family went and goes on to list the sports they were involved in and that he was supposed to go there because he was one of them and that school was for them it must be for him. Just like

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